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Man standing infront of people

How To Get Better At Improv: Tips And Tricks

Part of what’s exciting about acting is that you never know who you’ll be portraying, where the scene will be set, or what the characters will be up to. That variety of circumstances requires the performer to have a variety of acting tools available to help connect with a role no matter what. Improvisation is … Read more

Woman reading script

How To Memorize Lines: Backstage Experts Techniques

Ask any actor for tips on nailing an audition, and you’ll get a wide range of answers. But one bit of advice you’ll get every time is this: You need to know how to memorize lines. You should have them memorized as well as the lyrics to your favorite song so when you’re on stage in … Read more

industrial designer: drone design 3D

What Does an Industrial Designer Do?

WHAT IS AN INDUSTRIAL DESIGNER? What is an industrial designer? Industrial design deals with designing and developing new products. These can range from designing and creating bicycles, mobile phones to even fashion magazines. Industrial designing involves developing design concepts after taking into account its financial, social, environmental, functional and aesthetic aspects. Industrial designing does not … Read more