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vlogger acting in front of the camera

How to Start a Vlog and Act Natural in Front of the Camera

The wide world of the internet has opened an expansive array of new opportunities for talented people of all types to reach a huge audience-base and be seen by millions. Many people have gotten in on the large variety of opportunities afforded by blogging and video-blogging, often called “vlogs.” Starting a vlog can be hard … Read more

Arabic alphabet banner

Actor’s Guide: How to Speak with an Arabic Accent

Many of the most well-known actors in the world can turn accents on and off at the drop of a hat. This helps them land role-after-role. Developing a well-formed accent is a terrific way to extend your acting resume and showcase your talents. Not only does it show your versatility, but accents can help broaden … Read more

flag of spain

Actor’s Guide: How to Speak with a Spanish Accent

As an actor, learning how to master an accent adds skill to your growing resume. Accents show off your capabilities and versatility as a performer. Actors and actresses that learn how to pull-off accents can see a greater range of opportunity for roles and increase the chances of landing a part. Spanish accents are not … Read more