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Theatrical death impersonation

10 Monologues about Death You Should Know

Death is a traumatic crisis that resides in many pieces of theater. Whether it’s on the stage, in a book, or on the screen, death is an experience we can all relate to. Not only does it pull at the heartstrings of the audience, but the subject can show off the dramatic, emotional skills of … Read more

The Walking Dead title

The Walking Dead Monologues You Need to Know

The Walking Dead is a hit show that follows a group of people through their experiences in a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies. The main characters are challenged and must survive together; creating some of the best drama on television. The plot, storyline, and characters make for great television, and it’s easy to see why … Read more

10 Contemporary Comedic Monologues to Inspire You

Comedy is a part of human nature that keeps us happy and joyful. Our humor is one of the most important parts of ourselves, and that’s why much of our entertainment revolves around it. Comedy has been present in all different types of entertainment for centuries. There is no feeling quite like capturing an audience … Read more