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What is skit and example?

A skit is a short comedic or dramatic performance or piece, often part of a larger show or play. Skits are typically used in variety shows, comedy programs, or in informal settings, such as camps or schools, to entertain, inform, or convey a message in a light-hearted manner. They are often characterized by their brief … Read more

woman singing with headset

Singing Tips That Will Make All The Difference

image via: Singing, much like music, film and art, is universal. It resonates with people around the globe on an emotional level. Whether we are travelling, working, celebrating or relaxing, we all love to sing and express themselves. However, for those of you who prefer to sing in front of an audience in addition … Read more

acting performance

How To Speak Clearly During Auditions Or Performances

image source: unsplash Acting is the art of interpreting, rehearsing and expressing yourself with, or without, source material. A fundamental part of any successful audition or performance is your voice, but understanding how to speak clearly and confidently isn’t as instinctual as you think. Many actors experience nervousness and stress before an audition or performance; but … Read more