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Max Amini Persian American Stand Up Comedian

How to Do Stand Up: A Beginner’s Guide to Comedy

Stand-up comedy is one of the most-popular forms of entertainment and if you’re looking to be a comedian, you need to know how to do stand up. It is not an easy art-form to learn, but highly rewarding when you hear your audience laugh at your jokes. Stand-up isn’t just about telling jokes. You’ll need … Read more

Diction exercises for proper articulation

6 Simple Diction Exercises to Drastically Improve Your Articulation

Back in the day, when theatre was born, there were no technological aids to assist the actor to project his voice throughout the entire auditorium. There were no microphones. The only equipment actors had to assist in the area of sound was their voice and the acoustics of the auditorium. This called for stringent diction … Read more