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5 Steps and Tips to Securing Disney Channel Auditions

Extras, parents, kids, there’s plenty of room for everybody over at Disney’s! Simply check our secret tips.   Disney Channel is the dream destination for a lot of young talent – as well as for the young talent’s parents or adult actors who must impersonate …again: parents! The American basic cable and satellite television network … Read more

What You Need to Know About Open Casting Calls

Today’s world is definitely one of opportunity, especially when it comes to art and entertainment. The world of high profile acting was never as open to those who don’t come from a high profile background or study at expensive New York or Los Angeles acting schools. Getting your acting career on the roll is probably … Read more

4 Tips on Getting Cast in TV Show Auditions

The past decades have been fertile for the development of television shows and consequently for a new type of acting professionals   The television industry has been a productive ground in the frames of the entertainment field as a whole and generated stereotypical content to be adopted by the collective mindsets of thousands of people. … Read more