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You completed the quest of pursuing acting lessons, participated in workshops and you’re ready for the stage. But these acting tips are the frosting on your cake!

Dear actors and actresses, dancers, models, athletes – you did everything the quick holy book of acting indicates, chronologically and enthusiastically. Still, perfecting your craft and upgrading your performance resides in creating a differentiating factor which will pull you out of the crowd after your headshots are chosen and your agent does his or her job. Your sparkle comes from tips and tricks every actor preoccupied with a great performance needs to know, so open your eyes to this essential section in your preparation.


The classic image of the Greek theater masks.
The classic image of the Greek theater masks.

If you are approaching an audition and plan on hitting the theater stage, the film set or want to land a commercial casting, you need to upgrade your game. If everyone could act after simply going to a few classes, everyone out there would be the next star at Hollywood. Learning these tricks and tips can even test your acting skills and improve everything from a cold reading to your next prep phase. Yes, you voice actors as well!

There are some differences you need to understand before getting on to learning acting tips. These won’t in any case replace a particular method or techniques an actor is taking in class, which you should already have imagined already. They do, however, leverage your performance and sustain your abilities in front of casting directors and agents. Let’s see what you can do to improve your act using these tips, which are valid for kids, teenagers and adults too.

  • Find that inner place from which your emotions create your performance. The science of acting isn’t based on a math formula. If you develop a typology, which is highly recommendable, you should follow your gut and begin with identifying what gives you the urge to act. That will soon position your determination: is it humor? Are you romantic? Is it easy for you to start crying? Study that calling.
  • Studying theater is useful for both stage actors as well as for screen actors. Developing your skill to augment reality for a live public will upgrade your acting and also voice acting. Not to mention your reel will be the best if you can deliver a thrilling monologue.
  • Add a little something-something to your skills. The niched, the better. Most actors know how to dance or sing, some of them are into acroyoga or combat fighting. Others play instruments. If you can ride a pony sitting backwards, rest assured that will one day bedazzle a casting director.
  • Balance belief in your goals with embracing risks. That creates a comfort zone that will tone your fears down. If you are truthfully ambitioned to become an actor, you need to be aware that you have to feed your drive and also not be afraid of failure. Lose the intimidation in front of casting directors. This is especially important for beginners trying to secure an audition and also for experienced actors who need to make an impression in a last minute.
  • Treat your auditions like a ritual. Trust your casting crew and avoid investing them with authority. Deliver your performance like it’s the last thing you do on Earth. Famous actors still do that after tens of roles.
  • Don’t put all your faith into acting school – getting good scores on your essays is good for your ego, but you get a lot of experience and testing from workshops and good preparation info for auditions from trustworthy professionals.
  • Understand the whole process. From writing to casting and producing, you need to be on the go with all the tiny wheels which turn the mechanism and you need to have a good comprehension of marketing strategies too.
  • Go after what you love. If it’s voice acting, perfect your English accent in a few variations. Who knows when you’ll be voicing a duke! If it’s comedy, learn a tip or two from actors who influenced this genre. If you want to be the leading lady in romantic dramas, hone your femininity.
  • Use your own experience. This works two ways: produce some personal work that can guarantee exposure (like a videoblog perhaps) or use your past to a better outcome in interpreting a role. If you can enter an archetype casting directors are looking for, but add your personal touch to it, that will definitely make a difference. Think about what you can put into a designed character that already lies inside of you.
  • Forget about your limits. The most appreciated characters in film and animation are built with effort. Force yourself outside your box and make sure you deliver plenty of your availability in that essential headshot.
  • Adapt your techniques to the script, but stay true to yourself. It sounds difficult, but who said that acting is for any man or woman out there? Imagine you have the same control panel, but you need to shift from setting to setting. In the end of the day, it’s a honest practice which will get you through a myriad of acting situations.
  • Don’t neglect your outsides. Yes, acting is developed on top of your personality with abstract traits, but there are thousands of occasions when developing an aesthetic physique can make an outstanding difference.
  • Use your imagination. When you’re breaking down that script, read it once as if you would be inside the mind of the author.


Acting practice in a stick figure drawing.
Acting practice in a stick figure drawing.

There are plenty of useful insights from famous actors who discovered these tips on their own of from dedicated teachers. You won’t be able to absorb them all at once and they usually come naturally when you put them into practice, but let’s say that acting is only going to get even more fun and challenging if you’ve got some advantages in the background! But that one tip all of us forget from time to time regardless of the job is that we need to trust ourselves and love what we do – these two ingredients spice up any professional experience.

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