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Can creativity be taught? There are many actors out there that wonder about this question. Maybe you are interested in something but do not feel you were born with the talent needed to succeed. Should that discourage you? Should you just give up? True, it seems some people are just born with an aptitude for some kind of creative endeavor. Meanwhile, others really have to work at it. In fact, there is scientific evidence that states that the areas in the brain that are responsible for creative thinking is better developed in some more than others.

Do not fret at the scientific evidence. Can creativity be taught? Well, if you nurture your creativity and let your passion guide you, there is no reason you can compete with even naturally creative individuals. This article will give you some ways to tap into your own innate creative lifeline. What’s in there may come as a surprise.

can creativity be taught

How to Teach Yourself Creative Thinking with These 9 Lessons

1. Get Involved with Your Interests

If you are reading this, you are already well on your way to mastering whether and how can creativity be taught. Even though you may feel like acting wasn’t born into you, you are to here to find ways to nurture your creativity to help give you an edge.

Pursuing something you love or find you have a passion for is a great way to build your creativity. Just getting involved and working hard at enhancing your acting ability is a good way. Then, you will just get some practice in, fill you with confidence, and get your creative juices flowing.

2. Keep Your Dedication

Just because someone shows talent for acting does not mean that they will automatically succeed. There is discipline in this area. If you cannot get yourself to practice, focus, or stay involved your chances of success diminish, no matter how born to act you think you are.

To succeed you have to remain dedicated and put in the time and effort no matter who you are. Make sure you go to every rehearsal. Learn your lines. Do the necessary self promotion to get your name out there. Do not get lazy. If it is your passion, show it is your passion.

3. Use Downtime Wisely

In order to maintain a level of creativity and stay active you may want to do things to stay fresh and ready. You might consider taking a weekly improvising class or even starting a group that meets once a week to read plays together.

Go to open calls and keep up on your monologues. You never know when an opportunity will present itself. Set goals for yourself. You can resolve to read a play a week in order to have a good working knowledge of your profession.

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4. Read

One way can creativity be taught can be answered is through knowledge. Many born actors have a natural ability to read and understand other people. They are then able to convey personality and other specifics of that individual through acting easily because of that understanding.

Take the time to read. Read plays, poetry, novels, and online reviews of the plays you are reading. Reviews will give you other viewpoints. Simply reading stories will help you learn to understand the nuances of relationships and people. This is all a means to helping you understand human nature. Using your downtime to read will expand your humanity and help make up for your slower growth process as an actor.

5. Envelop Yourself

Even if you have a talent for something, there are other things that effect how you grow and develop. Your environment is one of those things. If you have the opportunity and exposure to be a part of something that excites you, you are more likely to activate your creativity.

Can creativity be taught? Yes, and it can also be ingrained. Surround yourself with activities that add to your knowledge. Go to plays and do not just sit through the story. Watch how the other actors portray a character. Would you do something different? Was there something you really enjoyed? Hang out with like-minded friends. Moreover, have a movie night where you critique and analyze what you just watched. Nurture your acting bug by living in an atmosphere that encourages it to constantly grow and evolve.

6. Build a Support System

Can creativity be taught? Creative endeavors take work. Be prepared for a roller coaster of ups and downs. With a support system on your side you can soften those low times. With more support those times will not be as discouraging and you get back into the game much faster. There will be many actors that you come across while auditioning. If you make a connection with one, start networking.

Family and friends are a good source of support as well. But someone who really knows what you are feeling and going through can be extremely encouraging. They can even get you going back in the right direction. Plus, they can also be there to practice with you and can support one another through auditions. Supporting and encouraging your enthusiasm will be another way your creativity can flourish with minimal bumps in the road.

7. Be Ready

Born with creativity or not, it does wonders for you in any situation to be ready for it. Being ready instills confidence and will allow your creativity to flow unhampered by your nerves. Thus, when going to an audition, make sure you have all the necessary items such as your head shot, resume, and reel in order.

You will also feel more ready if you:

  • Have taken the time to review what is expected at the casting call or audition;
  • Maybe scoped out the venue for some familiarity;
  • Practiced the material you will be presenting to the casting director.

Taking as much uncertainty out of the audition process will minimize your nerves. Then, it will easily let you focus on presenting your skill.

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8. Take a Break

I know, I know, this seems to contradict many things stated in this can creativity be taught article. By all means you should surround yourself and really envelop yourself in the industry. This way, you keep your skills exercised and expand your knowledge and experience. However, everyone needs a break or some me time. Without allowing yourself to relax and take a break you may feel yourself getting burnt out. A bad burn out can result in feeling like you just want to give up. You may halt acting activities all together. That will cause your skills to become rusty and you will then feel like you need extra work to get back to where you left off. That in itself can be very discouraging.

Thus, allowing yourself some time to yourself can keep you fresh and full of energy. Then when you get back to the grind you will be enthusiastic and raring to go to the next phase of your career. Spend a day unplugged from all the electronic distractions. Take a long walk in nature. Relax in a hot bath. Whatever it is that allows you to relax and indulge a little. So when thinking about can creativity be taught, remember to take some time out for yourself to keep your momentum going.

9. Collaborate

Sometimes you will find yourself in a creative slump. What do you do to get out of it? Collaboration is often a good way to get your creative juices flowing once more. Hearing the ideas of others, reading through written material, learning through a new class, these are all ways to take in information.

When your brain receives enough of those inputs, something almost magical happens. It starts intermingling all those ideas and producing new ones. So, if you ever get into an acting rut, get together with a few fellow actors. Then, take in a show, and read through some plays. Get into a quick class or work on a project together. You never know what your creativity will come up with.

Final Thoughts

Can creativity be taught? Ask the experts and they may have varying responses. Yes, many seem to be born with more creativity than others. Also, scientific study shows that is pretty true. However, talent can be something you learn. Though you may have to work harder than someone born with more creativity, there is no reason you cannot be as good, or better. Nurture your dedication to the craft. Keep your focus and stay professional and you can go far. Create a support group to help you through the rough times to help you get back on track faster. Nurture your creativity through activities in your downtime. Also, keep your skill fresh and strong through auditions. Learning will give you the edge to compete against anyone in the industry regardless if they have a visible natural talent.

Do you feel you have the gift of natural talent? What ways did you help nurture your creativity? Please leave any encouraging words for actors below.