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How to get into acting

How to Get Into Acting

Acting is associated with fame, glamor and wealth. As a result, many of us aspire to be actors. Many of us think this is a simple job. What we do not realize, is that Lupita Nyong’o did not wake up one day to win the Oscars. She had to learn how to get into acting … Read more

Storyboard Artist

How to Become a Storyboard Artist

Do you love to draw? Do you love creating art with a narrative? Remember reading endless comic books as a kid, or watching cartoons and animated films? How could a drawing become animated and convey messages? Sounds like you want to be a storyboard artist! The first thing to know is that storyboard artists don’t … Read more

how to become a copywriter

How to Become a Copywriter

We have seen all those pictures of someone laying in a beach hammock, working on a laptop. And we think, “that would be nice.”  Go wherever you want whenever you want and work online as a copywriter. Maybe this is you. And maybe you don’t really dream of working on the beach but from your favorite … Read more