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Acting is associated with fame, glamor and wealth. As a result, many of us aspire to be actors. Many of us think this is a simple job. What we do not realize, is that Lupita Nyong’o did not wake up one day to win the Oscars.

She had to learn how to get into acting one step at a time. They never built Rome in a day; so is a career in Hollywood. You must constantly aspire to be the best and start early to compete in this competitive Industry.

Understand Who An Actor Is

Man thinking on how to get into acting.

An actor is an individual who can tell a story by playing a character in the story. The actor can do this in a theater, film, radio or television. For one to be a successful actor, you must use various skills to your advantage.

These skills include; vocal projection, imagination, physical expressivity, clarity of speech and the ability to interpret drama. As an actor, these skills should be used together to entertain your audience and to take them to a world of fantasy.

Professional And Amateur Actors

Professional actors are actors who are paid to act while amateur actors are actors who are not paid to act. Though professional actors can act without being paid, it usually because of charity or educational purposes.

Manage Your Expectation

Before you enter this lucrative industry, you need to know why you are becoming an actor. Are you doing this for the money, fame or passion? If you are doing this for the fame and money, you will probably not last a year in this industry. Unless you are the luckiest person on earth, your chances of became an overnight sensation are very slim.

This industry requires hard work as nothing is given to you on a silver plate. If you want to learn how to get into acting because acting is your passion, you will most probably find fame and wealth. The industry respects and recognizes hard work.

Before we proceed further on how to get into acting, understand what a typical day for an actor is like. You will most probably spend most of your time rehearsing and trying out for auditions before you get recognized in the industry.

You will spend grueling hours behind the scenes with directors and producers and your agent. An agent will market you to directors and producers.

Why Learn How to Get Into Acting

If there is one thing that kills the career of an actor even before it starts is ignorance. Ignorant actors think they do not need acting skills. They claim they are natural actors. Though this may be true to some extent, training is important as you can learn new things. Here are the top 6 reasons you should learn how to get into acting:

  • Get to network
  • Get Challenged
  • Improves Your Confidence
  • Know if this is for you
  • Learn how to communicate
  • Create a Career

Get to Network

Acting schools are the place to create your network as an actor. You might meet established acting teachers or directors who will be impressed with your talent they call you to audition for their upcoming movie. In this industry, networking is everything and it should always be your number one priority.

Get Challenged

Assume that an acting class is a gym. The same way you go to the gym to keep in shape, so should you attend acting classes to always be on the top of your game. If you do not polish your talent, you will slowly fade away. Learning how to get into acting should not be the second option but a priority.

Improves Your Confidence

Countless rehearsal alone does very little to improve your confidence. What you require is to be around people so you can rehearse in front of them and this ultimately improves your confidence.

Know If This Is For You

Once you join an acting school, you will get a firsthand idea of what acting is all about. It is here you will know whether you are cut out to be an actor or not.

Learn How To Communicate

One way on how to get into acting is through communication.

You will learn the concepts of psychological communication based on what you utter and what you do. This skill will improve your acting skills.

Create A Career

Many acting institutions will provide a platform for you to develop yourself as a producer, director, actor or even an acting coach. You may realize that you are not meant to be an actor but a director.

Jobs and Roles That an Actor Can Do

The entertainment industry has a lot to offer, and one should not only think of being an actor. Other professions that one can consider as they learn how to get into acting include:

  • Acting Coach
  • Set designer
  • Director
  • Producer

Acting Coaches

Your primary role as an acting coach would be to bring characters to life. You will constantly work with actors to help them develop the character needed in a particular movie.

Set Designer

A set designer closely works with the director and producer to create a realistic background setting based on the script at hand. She or he should be well knowledgeable on painting, architecture and putting temporary walls as desired.


A director works with all the parties involved in creating a movie or plays to create a character that is based on the script and also to ensures a successful production.


They mostly handle the affairs of a set. They are in charge of financial cash flows and creative decisions that result in a successful film.

Where To Start?

You are most probably wondering on how best to start your journey into this industry. Do not worry as we got the answer for you.

Join an Acting School Now

Acting schools are relatively affordable. If you can spare some dollars a few times a week, you will be able to enroll in an acting class within weeks. If you are in high school, the earlier you enroll, the better as you will develop your skills at a tender age.

Be creative and offer to volunteer in acting studios if you cannot afford to pay for a class. What matters is that you have achieved your goals.

Read, Read, Read!

reading books is a way on how to get into acting

Thanks to Google, learning has never been easier. Knowledge is power, and that is why you need to always read books on acting. Learn different terminologies used by actors. Learn how to digest a script and make it part of your character.

Befriend Actors

There is a reason billionaires walk with billionaires. If you want to become an actor, then find actors and befriend them. You will learn more from them than you would when alone.

Visit Theaters and Stage plays

This way you see some of your favorite local actors performing, and as a result, you will learn one or two things from them. You will also learn important acting techniques such as physicality in terms of body posture and reaction.

Go To Auditions

Don’t wait for luck to find you, go out there and find it yourself. Audition for films and commercials regularly. Never lose hope if nothing seems to come your way. Remember, Rome was never built in a day. Instead, use this opportunity to polish your skill and to network with fellow actors.

Building An Acting Resume

It does not matter if you were an extra or appeared in a music video, build your resume with what you have. Remember that a lion was once a cub.  Start from somewhere, and you will end up somewhere.

Hire An Agent

When you feel it is time to move to the next level, hire an agent to help you out. Agents boast of a wide network in the entertainment industry and this can help to put food on the table as you work for your big break.

Things You Should Avoid When Learning How To Get Into Acting

Don’t Stalk The Directors

As tempting as it might be, do not spam their emails with your resume and unnecessary information. It will only make you appear desperate, and you will not get a job.

Don’t Change Who You Are

This is the saddest part of trying to be an actor. The pressure to fit in as a perfect actor is too much that many try to change their appearance. You do not see Lupita trying to bleach her skin yet she won the Oscars. Love your body and the audience will love it too.

Don’t Appear Arrogant

Directors and producer will not want to work with you if you are arrogant and disrespectful. Listen to what they have to say first before you interject with what you think is right.


Learning how to get into acting is difficult, neither is it easy. However, by following this guide, you are assured of a successful career as an actor or a major player in the industry. Take one step at a time as you build your skill and resume. A lion was once a cub.


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