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flag of China

Actor’s Guide: How to Do a Chinese Accent

If you’re an actor, you know that adding an accent to your resume can broaden your opportunities and show off your skills. Actors who can master various accents, regardless of their background, can find more roles and showcase their great talent. Chinese accents are one of the most commonly-used and heard accents in theatre, film, … Read more

Jamaican flag

Actor’s Guide: How to Do a Jamaican Accent

Learning an accent can add skill and talent to your acting resume. Not only does it showcase your abilities as an actor, but it also widens your versatility. Actors who learn how to master accents have a higher probability of landing parts and are afforded a wider range of acting opportunity. Jamaican accents are commonly … Read more

Glasgow bridge at night

How to Do a Glaswegian Accent

Many actors are faced with audition parts that require an accent that they may be familiar with but have not had experience with actually speaking. Learning how to recreate an accent is a useful tool to have and can be an impressive addition to your resume. One popular accent you may encounter a need for … Read more