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Gangster man in suit

How to Do a Gangster Accent

Actors do not always know what to expect from their next audition. Sometimes a new skill is called upon for the role you hope to score. One skill that may come up is the need to speak in an accent that is not your native one. This makes it difficult to focus on your acting … Read more

Person with the German flag on their tongue

How to Have a German Accent 101

Actors and actresses often come across opportunities for auditions requiring a role that has an accent not native to them. Many find that speaking in a non-native accent to be difficult to convey in a way that sounds authentic. One such accent you will likely come across is a German accent. This strong, heavy accent … Read more

White question mark placed on a person's tongue

How to Lose Your Accent in a Few Easy Steps

There are hundreds of varieties of accents found all over the world. Some accents are easily distinguishable from others, while accents from areas close to each other may only vary slightly in their differences. Each area and culture has its own unique tone, rhythm, and timing. There is a multitude of reasons why people from … Read more