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YouTube is the latest revelation when it comes to becoming famous. You may have seen lots of people who succeeded there and ask yourself how did they make it. Whether we’re talking about singing, video blogging, explaining things or simply talking about your life, there are a couple of tips and tricks on how to be come famous on YouTube which you can use. Let’s have a look at them!

How to Become Famous on YouTube 101

1. Choose Relevant Topics

A sure way of making people watch what you’re posting on YouTube is to choose relevant topics. Try to make videos related to news or pop culture items that are trending now. You need to be prepared to make a video 2-3 days after a big event if you want to gather as many followers as possible. If you don’t know what are the hottest topics, look one Google News, Twitter, etc.

2. Make Parodies and Video Responses

Another solution to how to become famous on YouTube is to take a famous video and respond to it. Parodies and responses are among the most popular types of videos online, so why not take advantage of it? Moreover, people will be able to reach your video whenever they look at the original one. The creators of the original video will not be bothered by it either since it will bring extra fame to them as well. One suggestion would be to use autotuned and make a funny version of a famous clip, whether it’s artistic, political, etc.

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3. Be Original

This is perhaps the most important thing you need to have when learning how to become famous on YouTube. Keep in mind that people want to know you as a person. As such, express your personality and be yourself. Don’t try to copy someone else, since people will always prefer the original to a copy.

4. Find Something Different

You should always ask yourself ‘Why would people want to watch my videos?’ Find something that would make your channel unique. Whether you would talk while inhaling helium, make funny faces, have contests, etc., you need to give people an incentive to access your channel and come back.

5. Go to YouTube Gatherings

Though this doesn’t teach you how to become famous on YouTube as such, you can find out a lot of useful information at this kind of gatherings. You can meet there people who might be curious to check out your channel. Moreover, you can meet your own idols and models for videos, so you have the chance of talking to them as well. If you’re already quite experienced in the field and have already gathered a fan base, make sure you talk to your subscribers, thank them and get to know them better. Who knows, maybe you’ll get some great suggestions for them.

6. Try to Obtain Collaborations

Though it’s not the first thing that comes to mind when you’re trying to learn how to become famous on YouTube, it’s useful to collaborate with other famous YouTubers. Try to meet them at the gatherings, or simply write to some of them on YouTube or Twitter. Ask them if they’d be interested in making a collaborative video. In this way, you could get more recognition and slowly integrate into the YouTube community. Lots of people rose to fame in this way. However, make sure the person you are contacting has a style that is like yours. Moreover, offer them an interesting and attractive idea to collaborate.

7. Make Quality Videos

An important aspect of the videos you make is quality. How many successful videos that are barely visible have you seen? Most likely, none. All the highly famous ones have a sharp quality, bright colors, and so on. However, to achieve this you need to invest a little in your equipment. The more effort you put into your clips, the more views you’ll have.

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8. Choose a Topic You’re Passionate about

Many people overlook this, but it’s important to be passionate about the topic you approach. Try to make content for the sake of it, not just be in a rush to reach success. Usually, people who don’t do it out of love quit soon after they started. Your passion is a warranty that you will keep doing it and improve yourself over time.

9. Start Small

Consider the fact that, in the beginning, you’re not too experienced. That’s why it’s better to start small on your quest to learn how to become famous on YouTube. Make short clips and try to be as concise as possible. Slowly, you’ll get accustomed to talking in front of the camera and expanding on your topics. After all, nobody wants to watch a long and tormenting clip, right?

10. Build Momentum

After you started small with a couple of clips, it’s time to think about promoting your channel. However, it’s a good idea to build some momentum before doing it. Make sure you have a minimum of 10 clips on your channel. People who will start following you need to have enough content to stay hooked. If you only have 1 – 2 clips, what are they going to do afterward?

11. Think about the Perfect Video

One of the next steps, when you become more experienced, is to think of the perfect video. Write down what mistakes you think you did until now. Also, consider what strategies you used and weren’t successful. Next, think about what would the perfect video contain. Would it be more interactive? Would it have more information? More jokes? Ask yourself these questions and come up with a plan for a hit.

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12. Get Featured by a YouTube Editor

After you have a standout video, you have more chances of being featured. Remember that you can use other social networks as well to get in touch with an editor and have a video featured. For this, you will need a video that includes things people really care about. Add an accurate title and description.

13. Upload as Often as You Can

Even if you already have a video featured, don’t stop there. No matter the amount of success, you shouldn’t stop posting. Try to come up with something new at least once a week. In this way, people won’t forget about you and will be curious as to what you’ll come up next. You can even let people know in advance when you’re going to post. For example, set a day of the week when you’ll post a new video.

14. Use Adequate Tags

Another important thing to keep in mind when learning how to become famous on YouTube is to use the right tags. The need to be specific, as well as descriptive. Stand out from the crowd by using new and original tags. The more people are using a tag, the less value it has.

15. Be Artistic with Your Channel

Think about the channel as your home. Just like you would invite your guests to a clean and nicely decorated home, invite them to a beautiful and attractive channel. Have a catchy name and add some channel art to customize it. Include a short description that will let people know what they’ll find on it. As you add new videos, update the channel art, as well as the description. Don’t let things become boring. If you want to further promote yourself, you can include other links to websites or social media accounts in the description.

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16. Engage with Your Audience

People don’t like to talk in vain, especially if they try to comment or give feedback on your channel. Answer to their comments and connect with them on other social networks as well. Fans really appreciate it when the people they follow take the time to write an answer, even if it’s just a short one. Don’t be scared of negative comments either! Maintain a professional attitude and don’t argue with people. It’s important to respect everybody’s opinion, even if they disagree with you.

17. Be Consistent

One of the biggest mistakes people make is starting something new, then quitting, then taking up a completely new idea. It’s okay to try to innovate occasionally, but people need consistency. If you started out on an idea, make sure you stick to it. How are people supposed to come back to your channel if there’s something new every time?

18. Be Patient

Finally, the last advice on how to become famous on YouTube is to be patient. Regardless of the time you spend investing in your channel, the results may appear slowly. That’s why it’s important to be patient and to try your best. Some channels only became famous after 2 – 3 years or even more, so don’t expect an overnight success.

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To sum it up, learning how to become famous on YouTube is no easy thing. However, with these tested tricks you can save yourself some time and avoid a couple of mistakes you would have otherwise made. Stay consistent, be creative and have patience with it. Good luck!

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