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The wide world of the internet has opened an expansive array of new opportunities for talented people of all types to reach a huge audience-base and be seen by millions. Many people have gotten in on the large variety of opportunities afforded by blogging and video-blogging, often called “vlogs.”

Starting a vlog can be hard work, and it requires a bit of patience, but is rewarding once you see how many people you can reach with a specific message. For the best tips and tricks on how to start a vlog and become successful in the world of video-blogging, read on further. We’ve created a list of everything you need to know to get you started on your journey to internet-success.

vlogger acting in front of the camera

1. Choose Your Audience and Voice

There are millions and millions of people all over the world that could see your vlog, so you need to decide who you are targeting. When people search or are looking for certain material, your vlog’s direction (or content) will determine who watches it. What is your niche? Are you hoping to vlog about parenting? Beauty and personal-care? Are you going to review products?

After deciding who you want to be targeting, you should decide what type of voice you will take in your videos. Are you naturally funny? Maybe you have a great knack for giving advice. To learn how to start a vlog, you need to know what is special and unique about what you plan to offer.

2. Create Your Brand, Style, and Name

Vloggers are a special brand all their own. Unlike other types of marketing that sells particular products, vlogging involves selling yourself. As the start of your vlog, your audience must connect with you and associate you with your channel and vision. To learn how to start a vlog, you’ll need to brand yourself with a style, tone, and name that stays consistent.

Will your videos be funny or serious? No matter how you choose to do your vlog, you’ll need to be consistent. This is an important factor in the return of viewers and how they connect to you. For instance, choose an intro for your vlogs and repeat that for every vlog. Intros are a great way to show your audience your style right from the beginning and also a consistent tone that helps create your “brand.”

3. Make Sure You Have All the Essentials

A plan means nothing if you don’t have the proper tools to follow through with that plan. You cannot learn how to start a vlog without the proper equipment. If you expect your viewers and people all over the world to take you seriously, you must present yourself as such. You’ll need a video camera/web-cam, computer, microphone, proper lighting, props, and a good location for each vlog entry. Your computer should be modern-enough to record videos, save them, and upload them to your audience.

Don’t forget that your audience will not just be looking at you during the video. They can see everything within the frame of the camera, so be sure to only show them what you want them to see. Create a good backdrop for your vlog, including decorations, props, etc. Consider creating a designated space for your vlogs; one that is set-up and left for that specific purpose only.

4. Don’t Forget to Create an Amazing Online Appearance

The video you post and the content in it shouldn’t be the only thing that appears nice. In fact, your actual video is not what your audience will view as a first-impression. Most-often your audience will see your webpage, YouTube channel, Facebook page, or pictures first. That is why it is essential to take time to ensure everything associated with your vlog is appealing, easy to use, and in-sync with your message.

Art, pictures, and themes should stay with your vlog consistently, to draw in more subscribers to your message. In addition, ensure your physical appearance matches the image you would like the vlog to portray, from profile images, apparel choices, and makeup.

5. Practice Being On-Camera

The thought of being in-front of the camera may sound easy, but it’s more difficult than you realize. Not only should you be completely comfortable in your videos, but you must be able to accurately portray whatever message you are trying to deliver. You should be able to have a conversation with a camera the same way you would have a conversation with a friend.

Some people may find this comes more-naturally than others, but practicing is a surefire way to get comfortable in-front of the camera and learn how to start a vlog. You should record and watch your practice videos to provide yourself with things to work on. You can notice physical habits and things to improve on, like eye-contact and tone-changes.

6. Get Feedback and Try a Trial Audience Before “Going Live”

Once you are serious on learning how to start a vlog, you should consider getting feedback before you go live with a real audience. Use your friends and family members as a trial audience. Show them the content and videos you’ve created. Present them with a “business plan” of sorts, which should be obvious if your message is coming through in the video.

After your trial audience watches your videos, ask them if there are things you could improve on. Gather their opinion on how it looked, its entertainment value, and how the message was received. Their opinions could be invaluable to your initial success when you decide to go online with your real/live vlog.

7. Create Your Video and Edit Them Accordingly

You should probably stay away from offering your audience “live” videos until you’ve mastered how to start a vlog. Record (and re-record, if necessary) your video and watch it several times before posting it. Ask for other’s opinions and edit it. Though many platforms offer some type of editing, like YouTube and Facebook to name a few, you may want to consider finding editing software of your own.

Try adding music or art to your videos but be sure to follow all copywriting rules and regulations when you do so. The more professional your video looks and appears to your audience, the more professional you and your vlog will appear.

8. Market Yourself and Find Your Subscribers

Once you have a plan on how to start a vlog, the proper organization, and your idea for a target audience, it’s time to get your name/brand out on the web. All the major platforms allow you to search for groups, topics, or subjects dedicated to the area or message you are trying to send. You can tag topics and categories to vlog, to ensure people see your video when searching through specific content.

In addition, you can try specifically targeting your audience with more-specific marketing strategies. For instance, share your vlog posts on your own personal platforms, ask friends and family to share, and post links to your vlog in public areas related to your brand/message.

9. Don’t Forget to Network and Collaborate

You are not the only one learning how to start a vlog, and you won’t be the only successful vlogger. The internet is full of competition. But instead of looking at them as competition, try considering them your allies. Your allies have followers and subscribers of their own, which could be added to your audience-base when you collaborate with one another.

Network your vlog and your message with other people or brands in the industry with similar focuses. You can benefit from each other and broaden your marketing capabilities. Collaborations could involve guest-appearances in each other’s videos, sharing each other’s posts, and planning online events together.

10. Keep Up with New Posts

The more you post and the more you keep your subscribers involved, the more desire your subscribers will have to keep following you. You need to keep up and post as often as you can, with new, creative content. This is why a plan is essential when learning how to start a vlog. You should have at least a few weeks of vlogging planned in advance, with complete ideas for each video.

You’ll want to ensure each video’s message follows suit with your brand and overall idea. Keep your audience on the edge of their seats by providing scheduled updates that they can easily keep track of. Consistent, quality content is the best way to learn how to start a vlog and continue to be successful at it. Listen to your audience’s opinions and suggestions, (not too much though) and learn to “play to your audience.”

Final Thoughts

Learning how to start a vlog can sound intimidating but becoming a vlogger could lead you a fast-paced, exciting world. By starting a vlog, you can reach millions of people with a message that is important to you. Follow the tips you’ve found here to help you get started, find a plan, create your content, and share it for millions of fans to see.

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