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After a rigorous preparation, here’s what you should analyze before you send your portfolio

Talent agencies have met an astounding evolution in New York City and Los Angeles in the past decades. These two destinations have been sought after by ambitious and determined young talent from everywhere in the world. Therefore, getting an agent to represent you in NYC isn’t the easiest thing you will do in your entire life or career, but definitely not impossible. If you’re preparing for this important step forward in your evolution as an actor or actress, make sure you tick all the boxes beforehand.

New York city air view
New York city: the ultimate acting career destination

How to Prepare

Getting an agent isn’t the first thing you do once you’ve decided to start an acting career – or any talent driven or orientated activity, like voice acting, dancing, modeling and so on. If you’re a photographer, an aspiring director or a screenwriter who now learns what an outline is, you will have to be as prepared as you can get by yourself before getting assistance. Nowadays the entertainment industry has developed so much, that it created the perfect set of circumstances for a connected tangent industry to evolve just like an appendix: the market of talent agents is sometimes almost as essential to the whole picture as the talent itself. Game developers or comedians get their dedicated agents, so actors are already something “classical” for these “ten percenters”.

If you’re heading for the Big Apple with big hopes and a mind full of aspirations, you have to be aware that countless talented emerging artists are flocking from everywhere and you will meet competition. Let’s take a look at a few tips and tricks to stand ahead of the crowd when fishing for talent agencies NYC.

Be Flexible, but also Firm

It’s a way you need to go around presentations and negotiations if you want to make a good impression, but also not neglect what you want to obtain. Agents can be tricky, especially when they’re good. Given that you need a good relationship with them right from the beginning, you need to introduce yourself to a bit of diplomacy and good communication skills. Tell them something remarkable and memorable about yourself, let the acting do the rest of the work and show yourself committed and curious without appearing desperate. This type of collaborations stand on power balance – you don’t want to seem arrogant, but also not shallow and standardless.


Photo from a New York film academy
New York film academy

Don’t Let Anyone Catch You Off Guard

If you know that you’re showcasing after an acting class, make sure you have your portfolio, your resume, your cover letter, a few prints with flattering pictures and maybe even some footage of good monologues or acting scenes. Sometimes months of preparing are worthless if you don’t seize the moment. If you’re being serious about sealing an agent, you want to participate in social events where you can network with possible collaborators as much as you need to attend open calls.

Balance Motivation with Human Resources

It might seem like it’s off your plate to manage some social skills, but the world goes around thanks to recommendations and archetypes. These too connect in the form of you studying fellow actors who you appreciate and learning who their agent is. People with similar interests can help each other – OK, and also race in competitions, but later about that! Make a list and ask them personally if you can refer to their agent by mentioning them. Don’t start spamming all talent agencies NYC like everyone else does. Keep in mind that getting an agent can be a consequence of good interpersonal relationships with anyone in the field: focus on meeting directors, casting directors and screenwriters too.

Your personality needs to spark in an original way. Careful at what is the first impression that you’ll be making: written or spoken. Be proud of yourself if you’re addressing ten agencies of which six get back to you and one of those gets you bound.

Express What You Want in A Phrase

Agents are busy people who see bohemians all the time all day everyday. If you want to land an agent who understands your needs and could represent your best interest, seal the deal by reflecting authenticity. Once you get a good vibe from an agent, make sure you state your preoccupations firmly and shortly. Tell him or her right away about your current status and your ambitions for the near future, as well as your strengths and weaknesses and your availability. Express your intentions if you find yourself in a turning point of your career.

Keep In Touch

Even if things don’t immediately work out as you wish, don’t shut down your connections as they will sooner or later prove themselves to be vital. Simple gestures like remembering someone’s birthday or congratulating for a success will make you stand out as a polite and friendly person above a simple colleague or acquaintance. If you’re having a negative experience with someone in this industry, try as much as you can to diminish all possible conflicts or gossip opportunities. It’s a small world and you’d hate it if a door closes professionally because of a personal matter.

Last, but not least, when you are researching agencies, try to check for their background. Usually, agents or agencies also provide particular information about what kind of talent they represent, if they organize internships or offer jobs and under what sort of conditions. Don’t send your portfolio at a child talent agency, you will look like an amateur. Try your luck on Cornerstone, as reviews indicate it’s a useful platform. The agency needs to reflect your current profile and you need to feel like it suits you to be there. Perhaps you won’t be immediately landing an agent at the best companies like bloc or United Talent – or maybe you will. Simply remember along the way that the best jobs or contracts at talent agencies NYC don’t just happen to be at any corner. You need to strive to get one and you will if you prepare yourself properly.

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