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Not all red carpet events may have you schmoozing and rubbing shoulders with a barrage of A list celebs. However, you should still act like you may have the opportunity to. Red carpet events are your time to shine. So just because you may not see Brad Pitt sauntering down the carpet does not mean you shouldn’t look your best. Regardless of the event magnitude, be it local or even if you are organizing your own red carpet events, your dress code should be far away from a ratty old t-shirt and grubby pair of jeans. Of course, this is unless you are trying to make a statement.

Dressing for red carpet events really gives you a way to get noticed and stun your audience. It is an art in itself. Thus, this article’s goal is to help give you some tips and tricks to help you look the part of glamour as you make your appearance during red carpet events- just in case you do get that opportunity to rub shoulders with an A-lister.

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7 Tips on Getting Ready for the Glamorous Red Carpet Events

1. It’s All about the Swag

Let’s face it; what you wear will be a huge part of a successful appearance at red carpet events. If you are not so comfortable making a statement when you step out, you can always opt for classy. A simple little black dress can give you a sophisticated yet sexy look that isn’t shocking or out of your comfort zone. This can especially work and still set you apart if you pair it with some statement shoes or jewelry.

However, if you want to be that wow look at her member on the carpet, step out of the zone and take the opportunity to really say, Look at me! For a more memorable look, choose floor length evening gowns that flatter your specific body type. Choose materials that shine- literally. Metallic fabrics are really eye catching. Some colors and bold patterns can really draw attention as well. Opt for solid stripes or reds and yellows. Just do not overdo it. Choose an angle and run with it.

2. Realize Your Limits

Okay, so we all weren’t born with the perfect Grecian goddess structure. That means you should really assess your choices and say to yourself, Should I really wear this. If you saw someone else with your body type wearing it what would you think or say?

Be realistic. If you do not have a drop dead gorgeous silhouette, do not wear something that will accentuate flaws like a body hugging dress. You will likely get a ton of attention either way. But you want to make a great impression, not a bad one that people will remember. Find a dress that will flatter and help bring out the best of you.

3. Keep Slip-ups in Mind

Appropriate undergarments are a must at any red carpet events. If you are wearing something that may show underwear lines, opt for some shapewear to hide them without creating bulges or going commando and leaving yourself open to a possible embarrassing moment during the night. As women, there are sometimes outfits that necessitate going bra-less.

Avoid the dreaded nip slip or photo flash embarrassment with some stick-on breast covers or some dress tape to keep material where it should be. Keep your reputation and modesty close. This is because once you lose it, it is hard to get back- especially after a few fancy drinks.

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4. Dress to Impress- Head to Toe

If you are going all out (or even if you choose the classic little black dress route), a pair of designer shoes will really complete the look. You do not want to wear a cheap beat up pair of shoes with the most glamorous gown. It will just take away from your look all together and likely be all that the cameras remember. Make an impression with some strap heels or statement shoes. It will really add to your dress choice and make your legs look long and sexy too.

One thing you should keep in mind though is that a red carpet event is not just a walk down the red carpet. Usually there is a party or some other festivity following that walk. Thus, you will be in those heels for a decent amount of time. So unless you are a seasoned high heel wearer, you will be begging for your tennis shoes in no time. To prevent you from having a miserable night when you are supposed to be the belle of the ball, invest in some good gel foot pads. They will cushion the balls of your foot where you will feel the most pressure wearing heels.

If your shoes do not give you the option of some sort of padding, try wearing your shoe choice around the house to see how they will feel after awhile. If you can bear them, they should be fine. Otherwise, you may want to find another shoe or choose a style with a lower or thicker heel. Regardless, choose something you can find comfort in through the entire event without looking like you are walking on glass after a few hours.

5. Pamper Yourself

You may have heard the expression that says something about putting lipstick on a pig? Well, this is sort of the same concept. You cannot go all out and get a gorgeous dress and add flair with some statement jewelry and shoe but forget about dolling yourself up.

Score yourself a session with your favorite stylist on the day of your event, and get your pamper on! Then you can get your hair done, your makeup done, and eyebrows shaped professionally to get a polished look. Plus, you do not have to do any of the work. Not only will this make you look fabulous, but it will also give your confidence a big boost. That confidence will show when you hit the carpet.

6. A Smile Is Worth a Thousand Words

When you aren’t trying to look sultry, a great smile really makes an impact. Thus, you will want your pearly whites, well, pearly white. Make sure you give yourself enough time to get them there. There are many over the counter products such as strips that can give your smile the boost it needs over the course of a few days to a few weeks. One tip stylists give is to help your teeth appear brighter by wearing lipstick shades in red or pink that have a blue undertone. If you are shying away from lipstick with your look, try some bronzer. Playing up the color of your lips and skin against the whiteness of your teeth will create some contrast that will actually make your teeth look brighter.

If you are going for the gold at the event and have some extra cash, get to the dentist for some veneers. They usually take two sessions a week apart to complete and you end up with a complete smile makeover. If that is too serious for you, get a professional whitening done at your dental office.

7. Be prepared

No matter what the event, things happen. Preparation is key to making the night successful and keeping you remembered in a positive night and not because of something you weren’t ready for. Here is a short list of items you may want to keep in your red carpet survival kit:

  • Freshener: Red carpet event will more than likely include food or drinks. Be sure to keep some mints or mouthwash handy to rectify any nastiness it leaves behind on your breath.
  • Extra double strip tape for your gown to keep it in place and avoid any nip slips.
  • A few band-aids in case those hot heels make your own heels blister and feel not so hot.
  • Grab yourself a needle and spool of thread that matches your gown. That way if there is a wardrobe malfunction, you have the ability to repair the tear. You will also be able to loose hem right then and there which otherwise would end your night too soon.
  • Make-up and hair products for touch-ups.

Now, we know that carrying too much will mean you need a huge purse. However, minimize your items because there is nothing more tacky or distracting than a Sunday shopping bag. You will likely only have a small clutch to work with because a purse is an accessory.

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It’s Glowing Time!

There are many ways to get ready for red carpet events. This article only pulled a few for you to get well on your way to stunning. This is your chance to get noticed and shine for the cameras. Take the opportunity, you never know who is watching. Dress to impress with some great shoes. Then, get pampered, moisturize, prepare, and make your entrance to a night you will never forget.

What other tips can you share with others getting ready for their appearance? Have you ever experienced something you wish you had prepared for at your red carpet events? Please leave comments and experiences below.

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