8 Serious and Fun 1 Minute Monologues to Take on Stage

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Sooner or later in your acting career, you will have to tackle a monologue. It is good to have a variety of them under your belt anyway. So if you have not thought about it yet, you should. A challenging style of 1 minute monologues are comedic ones. Even though these are tough for many actors they are very effective. Getting your audience to laugh really engages them in the moment and plays to your skill. A monologue should only be a minute or two. This way, you do not have a large amount of time to reach the point of engagement with your listeners. Thus, a comedy makes a terrific way to do so. However, you cannot say enough for the raw emotion of a serious monologue too.


This article will give you some examples of comedic and dramatic 1 minute monologues. You can use them to bring laughter to your casting directors as well as attention to your skill set.

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Some Final Thoughts

Monologues are an integral part of every actor’s tool kit. You should have several practiced and ready to go in case you ever are asked to perform one. There are classics like Shakespeare and more modern ones too. Having a range of different genres and types can really give you a leg up on the competition. This is because you will already have a fitting monologue prepared and can spend your time polishing it up while others are still memorizing lines.

Comedies are very useful in engaging your audience. If you get someone to laugh, not only does it help you relax but it creates a connection to your listener. Comedies can be hard to convey. But if you can successfully deliver a comedic monologue, you will reap a great triumph. An easier way to go is to find something with raw emotion, torrid frustration, tragic loss. These things can easily be recognized if you deliver it right and pull the emotional strings of your audience. Thus, a lot can be said for a serious monologue as well.

What genre of monologue do you prefer? What monologue is missing from our 1 minute monologues list that you would have included? Also, what experience have you had with needing a monologue on short notice and having one ready to go and prepared? Please leave any helpful comments below or suggestions for other monologues and resources that others may find useful in their search for the perfect monologue.

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