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If anyone is aware of the importance of a good, solid, professional headshot, it is an actor. A headshot photographer does more than just take your picture, they set up your shot, use their knowledge of their equipment to choose the correct filters and lenses, they find your best angle, have the ability to capture your personality and have an approachable way about them that puts you at ease during a shoot so that your best photo is just a shot away. A headshot is one of the first impressions you give, and one that lasts after you are gone from an audition. Thus, it is an important part of your self-marketing package and it is imperative that it is done well. This article will focus on several of the best headshot photographers that are renowned for their headshot photo skills. They are based in Hollywood and New York and many have been sought out by celebrities and have won awards.

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Top 10 Best Headshot Photographers to Check Out

1. Joanna Degeneres

Joanna Degeneres is a former actress. This is a great asset since she has worked in the field and knows what directors are looking for in a headshot. She can also relate to you during a session and really draw out that raw personality that can shine through a photo. She also has a background in fine arts which allows her to accompany her professional style with an artistic eye. That is truly a winning combination. She loves what she does and knows the importance of a great headshot so she will not let you down. We could see many of her photographs on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, in People Magazine, The New York Times as well as other online publications.

2. Alan Weissman

Another one of our best headshot photographers out of Hollywood is Alan Weissman. He is highly popular and has been working the industry behind the camera for over 28 years. His work has been showcased on a long list of television shows and channels including Bravo, HBO, FOX- and the list goes on and on. Weissman has had the opportunity to photograph many celebrities including Angelina Jolie, Alec Baldwin, Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, and a multitude of others. In fact, many celebs collect his work. He caters to each client individually and wows them with the incredible lighting he is able to harness. Weissman is definitely deserved of being known as one of the best headshot photographers.

3. Michael Roud

Another Hollywood photographer that is considered one of the best headshot photographers and is extremely sought after is Michael Roud. He has made a name for himself as one of the top places to go if you are an up and coming talent in the business. Roud has worked with many big name networks and celebrities. He has also done work for a list of fortune 500 companies and offers his services to many talent agencies.

4. Xanthe Elbrick

Elbrick is based out of New York and offers headshots that are within an actor’s budget. Her shots use natural light and focus on communicating the most aesthetic, energy, and personality of the individual. Elbrick has covered many venues including weddings, theater, and portraiture worldwide. She loves what she does and that reflects in her work because she has the ability to put her subjects at ease so that they are more than comfortable in front of the camera.

5. Barry Morgenstein

Next of our best headshot photographers is an award winner out of New York. Barry Morgenstein has become world renown for his signature style and flair making his work recognizable. He has hosted an array of celebrities in his photos including Donald Trump, Oliver North, Steven Tyler, and Meryl Streep. His work has also made it into many national publications. Barry believes that no matter what level you are, celebrity or amateur, everyone deserves the same amount of respect and can expect the same amount of professionalism and quality. He has a number of studios across the United States where he can capture you at your best.

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6. Paul Smith

Paul Smith brings superb technical skills to the table. However, many actors love working with him because he is so relaxed and brings an incredibly fun energy to him. Smith works out of his studio in downtown Hollywood where he utilizes natural lighting and terrific backgrounds all in the coziness of an indoor space. You can see the effect his amazing personality has on his clients because it reflects in their shots. Thus, if you want a truly memorable experience that you can enjoy and still walk away with gorgeous photos- Paul Smith is your go-to guy.

7. Cathryn Farnsworth

Originally from Colorado, Cathryn Farnsworth has brought her passionately fascinating imagery to the Los Angeles area. She was the winner of Backstage West’s “Favorite Headshot Photographer in Los Angeles” partially because she has an incredible demeanor that is both personable and earnest. People know her for putting her clients at ease making the photo shoot an enjoyable one. Cathryn’s work has graced the covers of many magazines and she has an impressive list of big-name clients that include Warner Brothers, Mattel, and Lacoste. She is very deserving of people knowing her as one of the best headshot photographers.

8. David Muller

Another photographer to score the “Favorite Headshot Photographer in Los Angeles” award from Backstage Readers Choice is David Muller. In fact, he held the title for three years straight. He even received one of the “Killer Headshot Photographer” titles in 2015 as well. He has given 10 years to the industry and specializes in headshots. David started out as an actor making him familiar with what his clients are looking for in a headshot. He also knows the anxiety that goes with a photo shoot and strives to make it as comfortable as possible so his clients walk away with that perfect picture.

9. Douglas Gorenstein

Another photographer with his roots in acting is New York-based Douglas Gorenstein. Even with his extensive acting endeavors, Gorenstein had always felt there was something missing. Thus, his love for photography was born. He started out producing headshots and was so talented at it that he has had the privilege of doing shoots for many actors from Broadway to the silver screen. His work has made it to the pages of hundreds of publications all over the world. He has even held the position of photographer for Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show which gave him the opportunity to photograph many stars. Moreover, he has even gained the title of favorite headshot photographer in New York by the Back Stage readers making him the perfect addition to this best headshot photographers list.

10. Taylor Hooper

Taylor Hooper rounds out this list of best headshot photographers. He is based out of New York and specializes in shooting artistic and distinctive professional headshots. She has a variety of tools at her disposal including lighting, lenses, and backgrounds that allows her to create a unique look no matter what you are trying to convey through your headshot. She also holds shoots at her New Hampshire and Boston studio locations. Taylor strives to make sure your headshot reveals the real you and will tailor your looks to what type of actor you are and what types of jobs you plan on presenting the headshots at. She has several packages available, even a budget-friendly one that will accommodate a new actor’s budget.

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A headshot is a great way to leave a lasting impression on casting director or to network with. They may even help open doors to possible projects. They are like the calling card that you leave in the hands of some important players in the industry. Therefore, it is extremely important that you do the homework. Find a photographer with the ability to capture your essence and present it professionally. Finally, this is a short list of individuals who have made a name for themselves in the field and have the experience under their belt to give you that captivating photo that you need to represent you on your headshot.

Have you ever used one of the photographers on this list? What sort of things do you suggest someone looks for in a headshot photographer while they are shopping around? Please leave helpful comments, suggestions, or tips below for others. If you are a photographer or want to recognize a photographer you have had a great experience with, please leave those in the comments as well.

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