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Ultimate Guide to Movie Auditions

Filmmaking is a billion-dollar industry that also carries a heavy social influence. It’s no wonder why thousands flock to Hollywood in hope of one day being featured on the silver screen. Some may feel as though they will never have the opportunity to prove their skills to the right professionals to get into the major leagues, but … Read more

voice acting auditions-voiceover recording

Voice Acting Auditions Age Limit And Other Questions

Whether or not we realize it, we are exposed to the work of voice actors throughout our daily routine. The voices behind morning cartoons, commercials, movie trailers, and amusement park rides are all voiced by these actors. Even the voice of Siri comes from the hard work of a talented voice actor!   Voices from people of all … Read more

disney channel auditions

Disney Channel Auditions Requirements

Walt Disney had one of those world-changing ideas when he brought Disneyland into our lives. Today, his spirit is still with us in the form of theme parks, television shows, clothing lines, toys, and furniture–just to name a few. For many people, it’s hard to imagine a childhood without the characters they grew up with. … Read more