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broadway auditions and sign showing broadway street intersection

Broadway Auditions and the Weary Path to Landing on the Stage

Broadway always was something like a microcosm of its own. Broadway auditions, accordingly, are a world away from the fabled, world-renown Hollywood auditions. However, when it comes to pointing out precisely what sets them apart, it’s pretty hard to figure it out. The case may be made that Broadway auditions are far more high-brow. That … Read more

impressing a casting director

How a Casting Director Can Be Bedazzled to Like Your Act

If you’ve been in the acting business for a while, then you know it doesn’t only take talent to impress a casting director. They have to be able to see some spark in you that will convince them that you are a shining star. For instance, did you know that Charlie Day was cast in … Read more

theater seats and actors

Building a Theatre Resume to Get Only the Best Parts

A resume can make or break your chances in any job, and that’s especially true in theatre. In order to get the parts, you need to have a killer theatre resume that gets you past the slush pile and fast-tracked to the roles you really want. In this article, you will find ways to optimize … Read more