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Social media is a big part of many people’s lives today. It is used to stay in touch with people you know, find new friends, or in some cases find a way to be famous. Instagram has become a very popular platform to accomplish the latter. It gives you a way to reach millions of viewers and gain exposure. If you are an actor, this could be very helpful in getting yourself discovered or adding a little color to your portfolio. Getting yourself on the most popular page and gaining that coveted Instagram celebrity status comes with a little time, effort, and pulling in a ton of likes. So, it’s natural to wonder how to get Instagram famous and engage a different kind of public.

Back when Instagram first launched, it would have been easy to get to the top. However, now with over 200 million active users, your competition has greatly increased. So how do you get yourself in the top ranks? This article will give you some direction as to things you can do to increase your likes and eventually, learn how to get Instagram famous.

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How to Get Instagram Famous: Top 8 Things to Get You There

1. Streamline Your Content

There are many users all trying to figure out how to get Instagram famous. They are likely not finding achievement because their content is all over the place. If you focus your content on a particular subject or find a niche you love to discover, teach others about, and give your experiences and opinions on, others with like interests will follow. Doing so will help you generate a solid, loyal fan base who will regularly visit your profile.

Find something that interests you or that you absolutely love and stay on that subject. Not only will you cultivate yourself as a professional in this area, but you will gain many likes since the people following you will be there because they have a like interest. If you are an actor, choose something pertaining to acting. It will give you the opportunity to teach, have fun, and show off your skills in the industry.

2. Be Relatable

If you look at Hollywood, the tendency is that people will swarm towards an actor or actress that is more relatable and down to earth. Think of celebrities that give off that girl next door aura. People are not interested in ones that bring drama to the table. So, as an aspiring actor trying to get your Instagram page off and running, you may want to stick with being relatable.

The key to how to get Instagram famous is interacting with your fan base. As soon as you gain a few followers, take the time to comment back and engage them in conversation. As others join, your community becomes larger and interacts as well. Creating a place for people to converse and be friendly will make your page an enjoyable on to visit regularly.

3. Learn Your Tools

When learning how to get Instagram famous it is important to get familiar with all the tools available at your disposal. When Instagram first started, it was essentially a photo sharing platform. However, once it was acquired by Facebook, it began to evolve and opened up avenues for their users by adding other features and tools to tell their stories. There are now tools such as video sharing, stories, boomerang, hyper-lapse, and even the all popular hashtag feature.

Learning to effectively use these features and adding them to your profile will give it variety. This in turn will also make it more interesting by creating a multi-level experience instead of a one trick pony sort of page that will quickly lose the interest of its viewers.

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4. Look Your Best

There isn’t hiding it, we as humans are naturally visual creatures. Top it off with your acting career which basically necessitates you having the ability to sell yourself, and you quickly realize that your page needs to be visually appealing to catch the viewer’s eye. Thus, take the time to setup your backgrounds and choose clothing that represents the message you are trying to get across. Add costumes to your video lessons or to hype up your examples.

Take many shots of a particular picture and sift through them to find the best, most appealing one. Just like you would with your portfolio that you hand off to casting directors, you want to strive to put your best face forward and your best representations on your page, whether it be photos, videos, or something else.

5. #HashTag

If you haven’t heard of hashtags, you must have been living under a rock lately. Learn what a hashtag is and begin to use them. To properly add a hashtag, use the hashtag symbol in the caption box followed by an appropriate word or phrase that is interesting and describes the content you are posting. In general, you can gain 30% more traffic by utilizing them. Make sure you are using them correctly to promote your content. It will attract others through easy searches and hashtag feeds.

Be sure to keep hashtags accurate and relevant to what you are posting. Adding hashtags that are not applicable to your content or overloading them with a ton of hashtags just makes you look like a spammer and in turn you being to lose credibility with many in the community.

6. Stay Current

All sorts of things happen worldwide that people are more than willing to express their opinions on. Using current events to open discussions is a great way to bring more people to your page. However, your focus will be on acting. So, try to stay within that realm so that you can stay focused on your niche and not get caught up in other drama.

Create a friendly place for people to express their opinions and open up that dialog. Keep your page something that others enjoy coming to and not just an open ground for an opinion fest. You do not want to lose your focus and your page to become mottled. This way you can still sell your acting.

7. Follow Others

How to get Instagram famous? Try following others.

  • Often times when you follow someone, they will follow you back. Especially if you open up dialog and converse with them. They will enjoy your presence and will come to your page to continue the friendship.
  • Take the time to like their photos and comment positively on their entries. More than likely they will return the favor.
  • Also, their followers will see the conversations and see that they are following you. Then, maybe even just out of sheer curiosity, they may visit your page as well to see what you are talking about or why someone they follow is following you. Then, their followers may become yours as well.
  • Again, try to stay within your niche. Look at, follow, and open up dialog with other actors and actresses. Gain followers in that niche who will be more likely to regularly visit and share interests. This will create a gathering place for others who are like-minded.
  • Be sure to open that line of communication or you will just be considered a ghost follower. A ghost follower follows someone but never comments or likes anything in the profile. Instagram users tend to stray away from ghost followers because many scammers use this method to promote their fake and illegitimate profiles. That line of communication will prove you are a real person.

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8. Do Not Forget Your Friends

A great way to start of is to invite your real life friends and family to follow you. Then you can add any existing friends you have on other platforms such as Facebook. Since these people already know you and are friends with you, they will be more likely to join you through another social media profile. You can invite them by sending out messages or just posting a link on your other social profiles.

Doing this will give you a way to build your new followers while being able to share your photos and stories with people who want to see them anyway.

Logging In

Whether you are for the whole social media movement or not, it is here. So instead of shying away from it, use it to your advantage to learn how to get Instagram famous. Instagram is one of many platforms you can utilize to help your acting career. It adds a feature to your portfolio, can give you a fan base that may even leak over into your performance life, and can even get you discovered. Create a place for you to show off your talent that is a fun and friendly place for like-minded individuals to gather and converse. Following some of these simple tips can really get your page up and running towards the popular status many are looking to gain.

What methods have you implemented on your Instagram page to generate more likes and gain more followers? Leave any helpful tips and suggestions for other actors looking to open up and promote their Instagram profiles.

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