6 Simple Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Next Music Video Casting

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One thing about the arts and entertainment industry is that there are so many different avenues to pursue one. If you have a great body and dance moves to match, you can even consider responding to music video casting calls. Whether you’re more into acting or simply looking to make a career out of dancing, music video casting can give you a lot of much-needed exposure in the cutthroat world of entertainment. Trust me exposure is currency in the world of entertainment, that is why you find movie stars in music videos.

How to Prepare for a Music Video Casting Call

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Let me be quick to say that getting a role in a music video is equally as tough as landing a role in a Hollywood blockbuster movie. But then again, if they are looking for someone, why shouldn’t it be you? There are a few things you can do to increase your chances of being “The One” and land yourself a very lucrative gig.

1. Value Your Body

In the entertainment industry, especially in the music videos genre, your body is your ticket to a great life. If anything happens to your body, you’re out of the game, my friend. This is why you must go to great lengths to take care of your body. Eat well, exercise a lot, and sleep well. Be careful to avoid anything that can have a negative impact on your body.

2. Position Yourself Well

 It is a well-known fact that music videos are made in certain locations more than others, such as Los Angeles, Miami, and Atlanta. Some places are just not favored by the music video production scene and if you live in such a place (like Alaska), you either have to change location or change your dream.

Moving to a city with a high rate of music video casting calls will ultimately increase your chances of being discovered and landing that first gig that will set you up for more work. 

3. Understand the Requirements of Each Music Video Casting Call

Every music video is as unique as the song it is portraying. Because each video is unique, it will have specific requirements that you will need to understand and adhere to. Failure to do so will automatically disqualify you from the audition and the role. 

4. Dress the Part

It is important that when you attend a music video casting, you dress the part. It will be easier for the judges to see your compatibility for the role if you look the part. A wardrobe is an investment towards your career so if possible, don’t skimp on it.

5. Set Yourself Up for Success

Success doesn’t depend on luck. Well, luck may be a part of it, but you can’t depend on it. What you can depend on is the system you set up yourself – a winning system. Do everything in your power to draw success to you. Attract as much attention as possible – within legal and moral boundaries of course.

How? Create a presence beyond yourself by creating an irresistible portfolio, a magnetic website, and even a persona for yourself. Sometimes it’s better not to go to a music video audition as yourself but as someone else. Take a cue from Beyoncé and her alter ego Sasha Fierce.

6. Always Be on the Lookout for Music Videos Casting Calls

If you are to make it as a music video dancer, you need to take the business seriously. You have to be relentless in your pursuit of music video casting calls – and attend them all. Keep your ears open, eyes peeled, and nose to the ground as you pursue that first or next gig. Whether it is a call for main dancers or a “music videos extras casting” call sniff them out and give them your best.

The Life of a Video Vixen – Hard Work, Sacrifice, and Reputation

Yes, males are video vixens too and this applies to them too. The road to glory is never easy and demands a lot of hard work and sacrifice. If you’re to make it, you need to be willing to do both. And because reputation is important, protect yours at all costs. This means being punctual, performing to the best of your ability, and avoiding shortcuts like sleeping with someone to get the job done. It’s an exciting career but it will require a lot of responsibility from you, after all, fame and glory are not for the irresponsible.

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