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Monologues can not only be fun entertainment for kids, but also a great learning tool for growing as an actor or performer. Practicing and performing monologues can help children during auditions or simply to hone their ever-growing skills. Finding the right short monologues for kids to master, however, can be difficult.

Below you will find a list of 10 of the best, short monologues for kids to learn and perform. These monologues are a suitable length that makes for easy memorization and frustration-free learning. The short monologues for kids on this list can help teach boys and girls of all ages the fundamentals of acting, as well as give them solid material to audition with.

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10 Short Monologues for Kids to Start Practicing Today

1. Peter Pan


This short monologue for kids may seem like it is designed for a boy, but Peter Pan’s character has traditionally been played by young girls as well. In this monologue, from The Plays of J.M. Barrie, Peter shows off his comedic and dramatic skills when he enlists Tinkerbell’s help to ensure that Wendy never goes back home.

Peter’s pure innocence shows tremendously in this scene, as he childishly puts his need for Wendy over her own mother’s. In fact, when Peter sees Wendy’s mother crying, Peter is not sure how to handle it. This monologue is not only easy to memorize but shows off the mature capabilities found in all great young actors.

2. Ten Things I Hate About You

You may want an older child or teenager to practice this monologue since it focuses mostly on love and relationships. Kat’s character in this film has fallen in love with someone that she did not want to fall in love with. And while there is nothing that states a boy cannot try this short monologue, the emotion necessary here may be better shown by girls.

In an emotional rage, Kat unleashes her true feelings to her entire class about a boy who has just broken her heart. She does so in poem-form, which makes for a truly touching experience. Kat tries to fight back tears as she talks about all the things she hates about this boy. Her tough exterior washes away to reveal that she does not hate him at all; in fact, she is quite in love. This short monologue for kids (or teenagers) shows an edge, emotion, and raw talent.

3. Growing Up Is Hard to Do

Designed for young boys, this cute scene originates from the play “Between Good and Evil.” The monologue shows off the acting ability of the actor by showcasing their variety of emotions. Written by D.M. Larson, the scene involves a very young boy (in extremely silly pajamas) named Thad. Thad is in his bed and peeking out from behind the covers. As he nervously sits he realizes he is getting hairier and hairier; and then his voice starts to change.

With a howl, a gasp, and some serious surprises, Thad realizes he is turning into a wolf. When he was told he would change as he grew up, he never imagined what that meant. This is one of the silliest and most fun short monologues for kids that allows your little boy to have some serious fun on stage. And what little boy doesn’t dream of becoming a werewolf?

4. Henry V


If your little boy is looking to show off his serious acting chops, you should let him try this short classic. William Shakespeare is obviously the king when it comes to the entire drama-world, and learning his monologues are a surefire way to hone your skills. “Henry V” is one of the most-performed William Shakespeare plays in the world, and it is easy to see why.

As one of the more difficult short monologues for kids, there are a lot of words to memorize. It may be difficult for beginners or extremely young children, as Shakespeare’s wordplay is always challenging. But for the boys who can master this tricky, quick monologue, you will be sure to impress all who witness it. It is great for young kids looking for a more serious, mature, and classic performance.

5. Fairy Godmother

This “Fairy Godmother” scene appears in the play “Beauty IS a Beast.” It is one of the easiest short monologues for kids to master on the list and is written for a young girl. The young princess, named Beauty, is beautiful on the outside and ugly on the outside. Her fairy godmother makes the decision to teach her a lesson. She turns her “inside out” and by the end of the play, Beauty has learned her lesson.

During this monologue, Beauty realizes that she is happy; regardless of what she looks like. She has an internal-revelation about the importance of kindness and inner-beauty. Beauty’s monologue is both sad, determined, and self-assured. Adding this monologue to a young girl’s portfolio can help truly showcase her maturity and confidence.

6. Antz

When you read this manuscript from the movie Antz, it may appear long, but it’s a fairly easy read. During this particular scene in the movie, Zee, an ant, is questioning his entire existence. He is wondering about his own destiny and yearning for something more. Memorizing this monologue will surely wow any audience a young boy or girl may want to impress.

Because of the length, it may be hard for very young children to memorize. The words, however, are very natural and you would be surprised at how easily it starts to roll off the tongue after a few tries. The monologue shows an ideal balance of emotion and urgency and fun. Don’t be intimidated and give this existential-monologue a try.

7. Adventures of Robin Hood

If your older-boy or teenager is looking for a true showstopper, try giving one of the fiercest, short monologues for kids on the list. This monologue is extremely strong, performed by the main character of the movie Adventures of Robin Hood. Robin Hood is a brave man who spends his days protecting the people against a terrible tyrant.

In this scene, Robin is trying to rally the troops of commoners to fight and protect each other. His voice is commanding, assertive, and passionate. He is so inspiring, that this speech changes the course of the story. Nailing this short monologue can show the audience a piece of strength that will leave them feeling inspired.

8. The Goonies

The Goonies is a classic family movie that has transcended generations. One of the most beloved characters is Chunk (Lawrence), a chubby, funny, fast-talking, excuse-making, young boy. He is hilariously anxious and adds a serious amount of hilarity to the cast. This particular monologue derives from a scene in the movie in which Chunk is extremely scared.

Chunk has been caught by criminals and is scared for his life. As he is tied up and questioned, he delivers one of the most random, hilariously frightened, short monologues for kids in film history. The monologue is easy-enough to memorize and fun to perform since it gives young boys an opportunity to flex their comedic and dramatic skills.

9. Alice in Wonderland

For many young girls, it can be hard to find material that shows off your classy, elegant, and sophisticated side. This monologue from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is performed by the main character Alice and is best performed by young- to teenage-aged girls. With the right tone, annunciation, and physical movement, you’ll stun any audience.

In this particular monologue, Alice has just met the White Rabbit for the first time and is chasing after him. He ignores her many cries and as she gets more and more frustrated, she falls into the rabbit hole. She continues to fall for many minutes and as she falls, she speaks her thoughts out-loud. If your young girl is looking for a professional-sounding monologue, this may be the perfect one to learn.

10. E.T.

In one of the most iconic movies in history, a young boy named Elliott meets an alien. They become the best of friends and Elliott does his best to keep E.T. a secret. Elliott tries his hardest to help his alien-friend adjust to “Earth life” and this monologue proves it. Even though Elliott is originally played by a young boy, this monologue could be performed by both young boys and girls.

During this scene, Elliott is showing and explaining many things to E.T. The monologue is surprisingly easy to memorize because the content is easy for young children to relate to. Elliott is explaining to E.T. what soda, an action figure, and candy is. This short monologue is fun to perform and also gives kids an opportunity to use props.

With these 10 short monologues for kids, your child will be sure to stun their audiences and have fun at the same time. The monologues found here are familiar, short, and fit the style of any young child. Give one or all of them a try and let us know what you think. Which short monologues for kids are your favorite?

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