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There are thousands of languages on the planet, and each one of them is different. With so much diversity in the world, it is easy to see why there are many different regional sounds and accents. Every language, culture, and region can have their own distinct accents. Accents, which are tones and sounds produced by a certain group of people, can be appealing to others. They can have the power to leave you breathless or stun you into confusion.

Accents are extremely sexy, but not all accents are created equal. If you’re wondering which of the world’s accents are the most attractive, you’re in luck. We’ve done the not-so-hard work of compiling a list of the top 10 sexiest accents in the world. Which accent is your top choice?

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10 of the Sexiest Accents from All Over the World

10. Swedish

Men and women can have different views on which accents are most attractive on the opposite sex. Swedish accents, for example, have often been a favorite among men, because of the stereotypical association with fair, blonde, barmaid-types. Much of this attraction in your mind can be created through these kinds of associations. Swedish women’s voices are angelic and clear as crystal.

With the appearance of superhero movies and TV shows that glorify Viking/Scandinavian history, however, many women are starting to see that Swedish accents sound sexy coming from men too. And it does help when this beautiful accent is bellowed by a blonde-haired, blue-eyed babe. There are even a few Swedish actors in Hollywood reminding everyone that the sweet sound of Sweden is always a top contender.

9. Spanish

There’s no surprise that a Spanish accent makes the list of top sexiest accents. This accent is seductive, spicy, and alluring; even if it is being yelled at you. It has a naturally-exotic sound to it that makes you think of flamenco dancing, sun, and bright colors. Not only is Spanish one of the most used languages in the world, but it is also one of the most beloved.

It also helps our attractions when celebrities like Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem give us a Spanish accent that is sultry and mysterious. There is something about hearing a Spanish accent that gets your blood pumping and your mind thinking of exotic fantasies. Of course, the accents in Spanish can have different variations throughout the various regions. Each one is just as attractive as the next though.

8. French

The French language has long been revered as the “language of love.” Every word that is spoken with this accent oozes seduction, allure, and sensuality. It has been a favorite of people all over the world for centuries, with visions of the Eiffel Tower, beautiful women, and scandalous parties. You can be sure that the French’s sexy reputation has something to do with this allure.

For centuries, the French accent could have been considered the top choice for sexiest accents. This was mainly due to the association of the uptown-French-lifestyle. In recent decades, however, other accents have risen up in popularity. But don’t fret, because the French accent still remains just as appealing as it ever was; sexy, sophisticated, and so easy to listen to.

7. Israeli

The Israeli accent is quickly becoming one of the sexiest accents in the world after the appearance of an Israeli actress in Wonder Woman. Like many other accents, the Israeli accent takes you to an exotic place of history, art, and culture. And while it may seem like men may find it more appealing, the Israeli accent isn’t lacking for the ladies either.

This particular accent gives you images of the Mediterranean; of olive-skinned beauties with dark features. The exact sound of this accent is hard to place, since it has the sophistication of the Brits, but the allure of the Italians. Beautiful Israeli celebrities will continue to help make this accent a member of the most-attractive lists.

6. Scottish

There is something extremely melodic about the way Scottish accents sound. Not only does the language contain a massive amount of colorful slang, but it is full of culture and heritage. The accent is warm and fun-loving; a perfect representation of the Scottish people. There is also a strange “native” appeal to it that makes you feel as though every Scot is a member of the family.

It easy to say that women seem to be more attracted to a Scottish man’s accent than a man will be to a woman’s. That is more than likely because a Scottish man’s accent tends to sound extremely masculine and strong, whether he is wearing a kilt or not. And women can never resist a manly man. But whether it’s a man or woman with the Scottish accent, the harsh-yet-smooth tones are the definition of sexy.

5. Southern American

In a poll cited by TIME Magazine, an astounding 36.5% of people “voted the Southern accent the most attractive.” In the same poll, it was found that more men find it sexy when compared to women. Southern accents are slower but full of character with twangs and drawls. When we think of Southerners, we think of a slow-paced life; full of sunsets, rolls in the hay, and great food.

For women, when you hear a Southern man speak you hear chivalry and kindness. You generally associate southern accents with cowboys and gentlemanly conduct. For men, you associate a Southern accent with a woman who is wholesome, sweet, genuine, and fun. For both men and women, there’s nothing quite like that Southern accent, smile, and charm.

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4. Australian

There is a serious attraction associated with Australian accents and it’s easy to see why. The language is reminiscent of the Brits but is more casual, fun, and down-to-earth. Every word spoken by Australians seems to roll off the tongue with a pop, and even the meanest of words sound upbeat and chipper. And who wouldn’t want to take a trip Down Under?

Aussies have a way of saying the most common words fantastically. They have their own slang language that is just as adorable as it is endearing. Australians bring some of the sexiest accents because all you see when hear it is fun, sun, tans, surf, kangaroos, and the outback. It may not be considered the language of love, but it’s certainly one of the most attractive. That’s why so many actors want to learn how to do an Australian accent.

3. Irish

With sexy celebrities like Colin Farrell and Jonathan Rhys Meyers making a big name for the Irish, there’s no surprise that people find Irish to be among the top sexiest accents. Much like Scottish accents, the Irish accent is filled with melody, charm, and love. The accent is naturally uplifting, fluid, and also filled with amazing slang you may never understand.

Along with the Irish accent comes the Irish attitude, which adds to the accent’s sexiness. The accent is just as direct and beautiful as the Irish people, who seem to speak hope with every word. Women find Irish men easily make them swoon, while men find Irish women to endearing and sweet. The Irish accent is gritty and warm; almost like a melodic symphony to the ears.

2. Italian

This accent hit the top of a list cited by CNN as one of the sexiest accents in the world. Everything about the Italian language oozes romance. It leaves associations in your mind of art, music, fire, and strength. It has an energy about it that resembles a Spanish accent, with much more of a softer tone. It’s easy to see why so many people around the world find Italian accents attractive.

There is an air of style and history that surrounds Italy that is hard to beat. This style comes through in the accent. The sound of an Italian accent is strong, and also extremely alluring. It can sound combine the sound of danger and beauty in a way that no other language can. When you listen to the Italian language, you can hear emotion with every word.

1. British

The best part about British accents is that the “British accent” category is quite broad. It encompasses a lot of variations in accent-sounds and tones. These variations spur from the areas in which British citizens reside, with each one slightly varying from the other. We see celebrities with British accents like Keira Knightley and Jude Law who have a sophisticated beauty about them that makes it easy to see why many people believe Brits have the sexiest accents.

British accents can be both guttural, casual, and almost incomprehensible. They can also be sophisticated, fancy, and royal-like. Each British accent has a feeling of friendliness, kindness, and modesty that is extremely endearing. And it’s no surprise that every woman is attracted to a British “prince charming.” Here you can see a clip about the British accent training:

Summing Up

Accents have the ability to turn your insides to mush, but some have more power than others. Do you agree with our choices for the sexiest accents in the world? Let us know which accent you find to be the sexiest!

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