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With the visual nature of our culture, a video has found a place in not only marketing but as a modern medium for storytelling.

Take the explosion of video sharing platforms such as YouTube and now IGTV for example.

It’s clear to see producing high-quality videos is a valuable way to reach people and connect with them.

Selecting a career in video editing is becoming even more popular, but what is the best position for you and your talents? In this article, we’ll be exploring the top 20 video editor jobs so you can find the right position for you.


Working as a video editor could include working with a team of filmmakers, directors, editors, and producers to complete a project.

You will work with various images and video clips. Subsequently, to help these professionals achieve the tonality and visual qualities that the client is seeking. You may format video files, render footage or search through many takes to find the best fit for the project.


The more education and experience you possess the more it will broaden the options you have in your career.

Most times, you will need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in film production to break into video editing successfully.

Internships can aid you in getting your foot in the door. Furthermore, by offering your experience and allowing you to become associated with a noteworthy project you can mention on your resume.



For these video editor jobs, you will use your editing abilities to aid companies by producing marketing materials that help inform and entice their target audience.

This can include concept creation, storyboarding, producing and editing video content for their brand, website or social profiles.

Also, collaborating with the company’s art, marketing, and web design teams. This, specifically, will be crucial to provide the company with content that fits with their vision.

You would also oversee all technical decisions including audio, lighting, and composition.

Stay on top of the current trends within your industry. Moreover, furthering your knowledge of new video technologies will also enable you to stay ahead of the curve.


A cinematographer is a person who manages the camera and light crews when working on a film project. You will make artistic or technical decisions that directly affect the outcome of the images being captured.

You may need to select the cameras being used, camera lenses, filters, and film stock. Subsequently, to ensure you capture the shot in the way the director is envisioning the scene.

In this position, you will need to collaborate with the company’s editing teams and director to contribute to the production.


In this position, you may work for a local television affiliate, an independent production company or for a cable network directly.

News video editors will edit the footage to best represent the script provided by producers or writers involved in a production. You will work on editing visual effects, audio files, soundtracks, and more.


Everyone has a story to tell. Whether it be autobiographical or telling a story on behalf of a global brand. Even more, you can use your video editing skills to help in the production of video stories.

Your work will play a vital role in bringing the storytelling to life in both the post-production and production stages. Crafting and orchestrating imagery, sound, and motion graphics to form an emotionally fulfilling story can be a challenge, but with the right training and personality, you will take the vision of your client and make a video that tells a story.


In the beginning of your career as a video editor, you may find it valuable to experience what it’s like to assist an established video editor in their projects.

This can help you get a feel for what clients will expect from you and train your mind to think like a seasoned video editor.

You may need to download and ingest footage from all over the world to find the best shots, log footage to categorize it for the rest of your team, generate text assets and graphics using Photoshop and After Effects, troubleshoot software or hardware issues, and communicate with many other people within the project to assist the video editor. This position can offer fulfillment and education for those just starting in the business.


With YouTube being the world’s leading online video platform, experience regarding how to make the best content can be valuable for any video editor.

If you have a knack for comedic timing, fun editing, and working with creative, youthful people this career may be a great fit for you.

Your responsibilities may include pitching content ideas to others on your team, helping your team craft compelling scripts or storyboards, and work with your team to record and edit video and audio files.

Understanding how to use YouTube’s analytics can be a great plus for helping guide the content of the channel to speak to the company’s main audience.


Many sports get recorded or televised for a huge audience to watch. Using your video editing skills in this discipline can be a unique challenge depending on the sport you work on.

Clients will require you to have knowledge of high definition and high frame rate recording and editing techniques to capture the fast movements of sporting events. You may also select highlight videos to display the best moments of a match or game.


Music video projects can be a great place to use your creativity to bring another artist’s vision to life. You most likely need to work with a team of video professionals to bring this vision to life.

Your job would be primarily helping the director capture an aesthetic, by applying advanced editing techniques, video effects, color grading, and video filters to capture the tone and feeling of the music.

Also, the production of music festivals or concerts can be a lucrative and rewarding industry to work in.


Having a collaborative and enthusiastic attitude is paramount to working as a video production specialist. This position requires a seasoned creative visionary who possesses the technical skills needed in video, audio, and post-production.

Supporting your creative team and ultimately the company’s clients in producing digital media projects will be your focus.

You may need to develop video content for various video projects, help create scripts and storyboards, create and stick to a budget, set and meet production deadlines and hire the crew and the talent needed to complete the project.


In this position, you will use your video editing skills for social media marketing. Many companies need to tell their story online, and video is a great way to do just that.

You will need to collaborate with the marketing and video teams within the company to ensure the video content is consistent with the brand’s vision and message.


Many products get sold through online retailers, so the people buying the product have never seen or held the product they are ordering.

It will be your responsibility to help capture the main features and benefits of the product in question, so buyers are more willing to order it without seeing it in a physical retail store.

You will need to work with the company’s marketing and sometimes engineering departments to produce the most compelling and convincing video or image content.


In these types of video editing jobs, clients will expect you to use video editing to complete motion graphics, guide video production throughout the project, aid in the graphic design, and help complete the video project with your team.


An art director generates visual concepts to satisfy the requirements set forth by their client. This includes video content for websites, mobile apps, email campaigns, video marketing material, and even advertising.

Ensuring a high-quality execution of the client’s briefing, inspiring your team, and taking leadership over their creative work is an important part of this role.


The world of graphic design can require interests in typography, illustration, photography and a keen eye for art.

In this position, you will focus on designing and editing motion graphics that capture the vision of the client or director. Graphic design editing can be a rewarding and lucrative position and can apply to many industries that interest you.


Working on your own can be a great way to get started in the business of video editing. If you can gain clients for freelance projects, this working style can offer you the ability to work the hours you choose and possibly work from anywhere in the world.

Customer acquisition can be the hardest part of being a freelance video editor, but the satisfaction of working for yourself can be very motivating for the right personality.


Working remotely can offer you a high amount of freedom.

You can combine this type of position with any of the other jobs seen on this list, but some positions will require you to work on-site, so it’s important to consider what lifestyle you wish to support with your video editing career.


Documentaries are a great way to tell a story or introduce a concept to a large audience.

Becoming a video editor on a documentary project can be a great addition to your resume, especially if the topic relates closely to the industries or projects you wish to work on.


Journalism is an important role in spreading newsworthy information on a global scale. This role will require you to have skills as a photojournalist, videographer, photo editor and visual storyteller.

Visual storytelling is a highly rewarding way to put your video editing skills to use.


In this position, you will use motion graphics to contribute to video productions.

You will need a good sense of motion, an eye for typography, an understanding of the creative usage of logos, and the ability to edit custom animations to support your surrounding team of video professionals.


Becoming a video production assistant can include general office and on-set support, the ability to assist producers with daily tasks, review and manage budgetary reports, scout shooting locations, help select extras, and even transport equipment.

This position can help you get your foot in the door with the video industry and get you rubbing elbows with the people you may need to know to advance your video editing career.


Out of the top 20 video editor jobs we’ve covered above, you may have seen one position that caught your eye.

Many of these positions revolve around the central theme of using video to tell stories and connect with people. Moreover, all put their unique spin on this idea or focus on one facet of life that may be most attractive to you.

If you feel like one of these video editor jobs is a good fit for you. Initially, we hope this information has inspired you to start or continue your journey of filmmaking.


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